I recently purchased the Ego - W e cigarette and I am fairly satisfied with this product. I am a fairly new e cig user so I can't say that I have lots of experience with other kinds of e cigs. The packaging it came in was nice, a well put together box with two ego-w cigarettes, along with the usb charger and the refill bottle. My initial thought about this product was that it was well made and felt durable. It's fairly new still so as far as how long it will actually last I cannot say. I did find the filling of the cartridge to be rather annoying. You have to punch a hole in it at first for the refill bottle to be able to enter. I thought that was a pain because I didn't have a needle handy and thought I might ruin it at first. But alas I did finally get hole in the cartridge and filled it up. Something to note would be that it's best to let the ego-w charge for about 3 to 5 hours before it's first use. The company states that it's best to give the battery a full charge every time in order to ensure the longevity of the battery. I was very pleased with the amount of vapor that I could get out of this e cig. I am interested in trying some of the other lines from this same company. 

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    December 2012